why a blog about hating picasso?

When I was studying art I had little to do with the painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso. After graduating even less. But as of NOW I hate him. To me he represents surrender.. As of this spring he brings the bacon to my table.

The sub-culture field in Moscow offers countless possibilities for young, contemporary artist. But as you get older it becomes apparent that working in these fields in unsustainable. And at the end of the day its all about the bacon..

So, it was time for a self-employed artivist and culture-worker to get a real job (“due time!” I can hear my boyfriends mother say). As of now I am one of the roughly 20 lucky ones to be chosen as “Museum Attendants” during a unique Picasso exhibition here in Moscow.

As far as I have been told my job is to “oversee visitors viewing modern art” and guide them to behave according to “the museum etiquette” (which sound noble but really means that I am to stop them from touching paintings). Oh’ and I’ll also guide visitors to the toilets if asked.. As was added.

Untitled  (Moma Project 65#)

"Loved you in Cubisim.." | Untitled (Moma Project 65#). Maurizio Cattelan, 1998.

This is the first time I work INSIDE a museum, not opposed, around or supported by it. So I’ll take the opportunity to share some insight from behind the scenes, from the perspective of customer service.

I’ll post daily. I’ll post bulk and un-edited.

By doing something creative with and about my work experiences I hope to mix the bourgeois division of work and leisure. With this effort I am trying NOT to blend in. One feet in and one out here with you.

My English is poor so bear with me. My ego is large so live with it. I hate Picasso as much as I hate my self for being dependent on him. He makes my current lifestyle possible.

Bitter bites,


3 responses to “why a blog about hating picasso?

  1. I share your deep loathing for Picasso. I also happen to hate Foucault. These two stand as bloated symbols for everything I hate about the “modern” world.

  2. Great! Hatred for Picasso is very welcome here!


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